Gradient is one of the leading companies in the Russian FMCG market.

Our story

Since 1991 Gradient has established itself as a distribution company and won an opportunity to reinvent and benefit from the best global experience on marketing, logistics, service and information systems. Today the company is focused on the establishment and development of in-house brands for both domestic and global markets.
Our story began in 1991 from one trade pavilion at the center of Moscow. As soon as in 1993 Gradient already became an official distributor of PROCTER & GAMBLE, and in 1998 we became the leading distributor of perfumes, cosmetics and home care products in Russia with a $300 mil. turnover. In 2007 Gradient appeared on FORBES ranking of «200 world-leading private companies» of the country.
Further business of Gradient is focused on two courses: the first one being establishment and development of in-house brands; the second — exclusive distribution.
In 2008 our company gained exclusive right for development and promotion of the French makeup brand VIVIENNE SABÓ in Russia, the brand has maintained the leadership in its category for many years. In 2013 jointly with the German manufacturer GRUNLAB our company launched the brand of home care products in Russia – Meine Liebe. Meine Liebe has become a relevant addition to the company's portfolio of brands in the segment of eco-friendly home care products, safe for people with allergies, children and pets. Currently Meine Liebe is in the top three socially responsible eco-friendly brands in Russia and CIS.
Strategic interests of the Company include not only the development, but also the establishment of in-house brands. In 2021 our brands entered the Russian market: INFLUENCE BEAUTY as a makeup brand, PROFESSOR SKINGOOD as a skincare brand and URBAN FORMULA as a new category of dietary supplement. In 2022, the LEO&LUCY pet food brand was launched on the market. In collaboration with JSC "Tander" Gradient has launched STELLARY and BEAUTY BOMB as makeup brands, STELLARY SKIN STUDIO as a skincare brand, ZOLLIDER as a brand of products for men, and GARDENICA as a brand of eco-friendly home care products. Exclusively available at ''Magnit'' and ''Magnit Cosmetic'' retail stores.
Our company's business of exclusive distribution has been built on long-term cooperation with such global manufacturers as KAO CORPORATION, BURNUS, LG HOUSEHOLD AND HEALTH CARE, FREUDENBERG GROUP, PIGEON CORPORATION, ARTDECO. Thanks to the efforts of Gradient, more than 20 brands, among which — MERRIES, ATTACK, BIORE, JOHN FRIEDA, VILEDA, — have gained the loyalty of the Russian consumers.