04 august 2022

The new line from Laurier – comfort and tenderness instead of your period

Now even more comfy! Laurier presents the brand new ultra-thin napkins – Super Slim Guard with an absorbent layer of only 1 mm. Keeping the best from the Laurier F line, the new napkins for your period are even safer.

01 august 2022

Global week of breast feeding with Pigeon

This significant event is held from 1st till 7th of August initiated by World Health Organisation for more than 30 years.
Japanese brand Pigeon knows how important it is to keep breast feeding.
And that's why it launches unique products for mums and babies that help with this goal.

30 may 2022

New skincare line for teenagers ACNE FIGHTER by Beauty Bomb!

The line includes 10 cleansing, hydrating and nourishing products for oily and blemish-prone skin, helps to get rid of acne, blackheads and other face blemishes. All the products are classy and designed for young people.

11 may 2022

Influence Beauty represents CRYPTO collection

Crypto was inspired by blockchain and NFT. It includes 8 products for futuristic make-up. The design and colours of the collection refer to crypto and digital art. You can create make-up of cyber-models with these unmatched textures.

06 may 2022

КАО is the one Asian company in a list of the most fairtrade global companies

Ethisphere - the leading analitycal centre of USA - regards KАО corporation as one of the most fairtrade global companies. For 16 years КАО has been appearing on this list for the remarkable results in the field of transparancy of the company, fairtrade and  regulatory compliance.

06 may 2022

Explore the beauty with Bio-Oil

At the end of April Moscow hosted conference "Basic and applied research in dermatology and beauty care". Bio-Oil - as an expert in a fight against stretch marks -  participates in key events on esthetic medicine and prevention of dermal deseases.

06 may 2022

New mascara Femme Fatale by Vivienne Sabó and Lolita Milyavskaya

Femme Fatale mascara is now available in a new tube, created featuring stage star and fabulous woman - Lolita Milyavskaya. Femme Fatale is one of Vivienne Sabó bestsellers, winner of Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2021.

05 may 2022

New brand of pet foods Leo&Lucy

Leo&Lucy pet foods for dogs and cats are launching on the summer 2022.  Product line includes dry and wet food. The foods are produced on the European equipment from domestic ingredients. Each lot is undergoing a strict quality control.

05 may 2022

Meet a new collection PERLE DE LA MER by Vivienne Sabó

The collection includes 9 gorgeous make-up products with stylish marine design. The collection launching will be promoted by digital challenge, offering promo-discount for make-up products. The challenge will be posted on Vkontakte and Telegram.

04 may 2022

Inquiry assistants SberSalute and Meine Liebe

Since spring 2022 Meine Liebe and new inquiry assistant of Sberbank -Salute have launched trial mode of smartApp Racoon. You can ask any question about cleaning and home hygiene, and we will help you to solve your household matters.

29 april 2022

Meine Liebe exclusively for Gulliver

Gulliver - retailer of premium clothes and toys for kids - is extending its product range with Gulliver Home and Gulliver Baby. In line with this project Meine Liebe has become an exclusive partner in home care products and developed laundry products for the retailer.

15 april 2022

Plogging is a combination of jogging with picking up litter

Plogging is a distance jogging combined with picking up various, mostly plastic, litter. Meine Liebe actively participates in organization of off-line jogging in different cities of Russia. More than a ton of various litter is collected during the ploggings.

04 april 2022

Vivienne Sabó Festival at Rive Gauche

From 1st till 30th of June Rive Gauche hosts Vivienne Sabó festival. The theme of the festival is Metamourphoses collection. During the festival you can get 50% discount on the particular products and Cabaret Premiere 01 mascara. Also you can get 40% discount on mascaras from Metamourphoses collection.

03 march 2022

Now Professor SkinGOOD has mask sheets and patches for all occasions

Professor SkinGOOD line of products is being systematically widened, and now we have mask sheets and patches for skin hydration and nourishment, revitalizing, anti-aging and cleansing. In addition: nose strips, mattifying tissues, face bands.

01 april 2021

Meet a new brand of modern nutraceuticals - Urban Formula!

Urban Formula is a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals for people living in big cities: we have tested for compatibility all the ingredients and built them up as a smart constructor. You do not have to bother about synergy and their purpose now.